Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Anthias 5 fun minuets of camp

30/5/13 Wednesday 5 fun minutes of camp WALT: Justify what was the best or worst 5 minutes from camp Start - Knowing the rules of the game and getting a glow stick and connector Middle -Getting found 5 times and getting another glow stick End - Going to the finish line SC: open with an interesting language feature Organise our writing into paragraphs Describe how you felt, what we saw,what we heard, what we smelled/tasted Link our paragraphs with connective words and phrases Include at least one question mark, one exclamation mark and one example of parenthesis DRAFT On a starry dark night at Motutapu island there was a bunch of children that came from Hub 3 and year 5’s from hub 4 were playing spotlight. Firstly we were in the kitchen and everyone was either washing their dishes or finishing their dessert while, Mrs Hamilton was telling us the rules for spotlight everyone was listening so that they won’t need to ask someone to tell them. The rules was if you get spot you have to give the teacher your glow stick you can’t keep on running. You can’t go up in the bushes and trees.We also weren't allowed to go into the swamp or we wouldn't be able to play. So we started I was running and trying to escape to from the teachers but I got found 5 times and I had to give the teachers or parents my glow stick and the colour of glow sticks that I got were Green,Dark Green,Blue,Purple,Red and Yellow. When I was following Hillary to get to the finish line she saw that the teachers were all together so she said to me “Make sure that you stay right next to me and we will make it”. So then I said “Ok I will stay with you but you would have to make sure that you don’t run away from me”. Hillary said to me “I would make sure that you are going to stay by my side and we would make it to finish line” So we thought that not all of our parents and teachers are all at the meeting with the teachers so if we ran then we might need to go back but we saw that there were no teachers or parents there because we saw Lawson running and he made it so then we knew that it was good to go to the finish line. When we got to the finish line we saw that all of the people that were with Hillary and I they got to the finish line before us so we asked them how did you get past the parents that were up where you are and they said we were just sneaking past and they didn't see our glow stick so then we saw Jaxon's mum and we were running as fast as we could to get to the finish line.

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