Friday, 28 June 2013

WALHT write to explain My writing

  • Introduction - Identifying Statement
  • Explanation Sequence
  • Conclusion - Summary Statement
  • Punctuation/Sentences
  • Individual Goal
           Intro Being sustainable with fishing - what is wrong? What can we do?Being sustainable with rubbish - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Being sustainable with shipping - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Conclusion
Animal Sustainability
What Is Pollution?

Pollution is Rubbish that people throw into the ocean.Animals think its food so the fish will have a taste and they choke and die. Animals get sick and they become Extinct.
There are heaps and different animals that can get Extinct.

What  causes Pollution?
Rubbish,Plastic,Oil,Drinks and other stuff that is not from ocean causes Pollution because if people litter into the water it will cause the animals to eat it. That is not a good thing. Sometimes when people wash their car the soap will follow into the drain and it will cause into the water,and the fish will accidentally choke on it.   

Why can we be Sustainable around the ocean?
We can be sustainable to the animals,the marine life,and anything
but we can be sustainable because we care for our sea creatures, we can be loved by our marine life and you can pick up rubbish that's getting close to the sea  so there’s different many ways that you can be sustainable to the ocean.

What can be Sustainable to our ocean?
Fish can be sustainable to our ocean because it lives in our ocean and we care for it,and  other marine animals can be sustainable.

Our concept group is about the pollution and the Marine Life, we care for our animals and we make sure there are safe.This is a good thing to do.

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