Friday, 28 June 2013


  • Introduction
  • Explanation Sequence
  • Summary (conclusion)
  • Recrafting
  • Individual goal -   

  • What is power/electricity?
Where does power come from?
  • Who generated electricity first ?
Why does electricity important to us?
  • Conclusion


The concept of "energy" is defined as a measure of the different forms of motion and transition as a measure of the movement of matter from one form to another. We are using different kinds of power every day and hour.

 Our ancestors used power every day too. When they cooked food on the fire they used chemical energy. Also when they launched arrow from the bow they used mechanical energy.   The nuclear and electric power people started to use it at 19-20 centuries.

All people started use the electricity just 1800. Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta was first man who involved electricity battery in world. Alessandro Volta placed a plate of copper and zinc in acid and to get electric current which work continuously.

Without electricity  life will stop. Our life in much things depends on electricity. Without it we will can’t use computers, fridges, oven,light, much of factories and different things. So we have to be economic.       

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