Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Albert's Hub 1 experience

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was in Hub 1 I thought it was going to be amazing! It definitely was awesome just as i predicted. Wednesday I rushed into the classroom and put my work in the tray. I was ready for learning. When the bell went “of course”. The Hub 1 classroom was quite big and I could sit anywhere I wanted, I chose my space wisely. I got the most learning juice out of the whole 3 days. “This is going to be amazing” I said

After about 20 minutes of work I had to deliver the people to the dentist I worked on the Literacy work that Miss Smerdon had given me. It was called “The Rip” I finished that. Later on that day after I took the children back from the dentist there was another wave of little children who had to go to the dentist. I took my Awesome work and this time I did the Magic Spray Can activity I had to think of Idea’s for it. It was a literacy activity where you had to make a Can that could spray out anything (by using your imagination). “This is turning out to be quite good” I said

Amazingly I had some fantastic idea’s like the Spaz mode made the people go crazy for 10 minutes. I think that is pretty good imagination. When finished I took them back to the office to sign back in that was the last mission to the dentist. Journeying back to the Hub was so delightful.

Onto math now, I started the Figure It Out book I was on page 16 - 17 it was on prime time, which was on multiplication and division. I did enjoy that math time, also I did some math whizz on multiplication and division I did do well and earnt up to 100 - 120 credit’s in like half an hour! “that was really fun and I enjoyed it” I said

It was now Lunch time Nicolas, Charlie Kichi and I played handball on the court, I enjoyed and amazed on how good the tiny Hub 1’s were at hitting the ball. I liked the way that everyone collaborated it was great.

Approaching the time that I wanted the most it was Breakthrough! I chose to build some more building holding the question’s for Bonnvie and I’s spelling challenge. There were 3 stages, Easy, Medium and Hard. The year’s ranged from 5 - 8. There was a special block that the building’s need to be fully complete, that was the teleporting stage of it, the worthy command block, without it you couldn't go to the next question or your death.

Quickly it was over it was so quick but I made alot of progress. We all went into the Google Pod to finished the video that we started at morning tea. It was a video of 3 violinist's trying to practise there tune’s, it didn't work because they all disturbed themselves, fortunately there was a girl who made them all practise there tune’s at the same time, it was a lovely piece of music.
That was the end of that day.

Thursday morning I was in Hub 1 again, this time in the morning i didn't have to go to the dentist with the kids. So I got straight into work I started my literacy work. The activity that I worked on was called Wreaked in the Antarctic, it was about a man called Ernest Shackleton who was an explorer, planned to reach the South Pole and then cross the continent of Antarctica using dog sleds. “I liked the activity I would like to do it again” I said.

At morning tea i played handball with Mujtaba, Charlie, Nicolas and Jack we had a fun time playing and we played nicely, I got out a couple of time’s but it was fun anyway we all hit the ball with happiness and enjoyed what we had.

Onto math I completed the story it was math time I also completed the Prime numbers assignment from the Figure It Out book. I also went on to math whizz and did some multiplication and division I enjoyed it. It was a very long session. “Another good math session” I thought in my head

When we had finished Math it was lunch it was a scrumptious chicken burger that I made in the morning. I played handball again with Jack, Charlie and Mujtaba. We had another exciting fun lunch time it was awesome! Much better than handball at morning tea we all got out and had a few laughs it was cool.

In the afternoon I continued on Bonnvie and I’s Minecraft Spelling Breakthrough. I built some more building and command block’s to teleport I also added a obsidian building for when you complete the stage it thank’s you for playing and asked if you would like to go back to the start or another stage. I did enjoy the breakthrough time and did achieve quite alot.

Finally It was home time, we all packed up and listened to a story about volcano’s the focus was fiction and non fiction book first of all we listened to a fairy tale which was made up so that was fiction then volcano’s which is a real thing we have a mountain right next to us it was called Mount Wellington. After I rode my bike home I liked that day.

The last day Friday I started off finishing my literacy activity which was the THINKING & LEARNING I had to do comparing the same thing but by different people and also a cereal serials activity which I had to think of advertising information using codes example: for a car Vauxhall Monaro V6 3.8  (this is the add-on bit which is the advertising the model of the motor( V6) and litre's of how much it holds(3.8))

It was now time for morning tea we watched a video in the Google Pod (i forgot what it was) then out to play soccer in the hall with some Hub 1 and 2 we had fun kicking the ball around and scoring goals I thought that was the funnest activity in the week we sorted the teams to make them fair and collaborated by passing the ball to one another.

After it was 2 blocks of BREAKTHROUGH!!! Onto the Minecraft spelling I made all the Medium and Hard stages but didn't have the words to put in them I enjoyed the morning and afternoon doing the Minecraft breakthrough I had made tremendous progress but I soon realized the I forgot to save it so that was that it was fun but a very big loss. It was extraordinarily fun to do and I enjoyed every second of it.

Finally home time the week had been one of the best week’s at school in my whole life. “I really enjoyed the whole week it was awesome” i said

By Albert

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