Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Matthew's 5 minutes when i made it to the end of spotlight

“Ug i can't make it to the end”I said as I wondered a way around the teachers,then Damien came along and said I did it I did “WHAT HOW?”I screamed with frustration “haven't you made it I will show you”said Damien calming me down. So I followed him but then I saw Alex walking by about to go to the end again he told me to follow him its a better way so i turned left instead of right and followed Alex.

We walked through the bush and CRACK! we stop the teacher shines the light up and back down we keep walking then we see this path i ask “do we go down there” he said yes. We walked for a bit and then “STOP!!” and pulled me back i stared down with shock and found a river we crawled back up to the trees and bushes and he lead me through them.

Then there was a small field(it was empty with no trees) and we had to run through without being spotted then half way through “SPOTLIGHT I FOUND YOU” we turned our head and saw her(an adult) staring right at the kayaks(not us) so we kept walking we ended up seeing a huge bush and leo behind it. We went to the bush and stood there. I could here the them murmuring behind me while i keep watch then i saw a teacher coming my way so i moved back and didn't tell them and ran the other way and ran to the end.

By Matthew M

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