Tuesday, 25 June 2013


SC: Introduction Explanation sequence Individual Goal Conclusion-Summarising statement Punctuation Do you know what Matariki is? Well i’m going to tell you. Matariki is an occasion which started with many myths and it ended up with the 7 bright stars in the sky. It is also a celebration for Maori New Year. On Matariki a lot of people go to a special museum that celebrates Matariki. At the museums you can hear myths about Matariki. You may also receive something special, like a game or something. The stars are also known as, The Seven Sisters, and the celebration of Matariki is in late May or early June. The celebration can last up to 3 days. Matariki starts on the day when the new moon rises and for some tribes, its the day after the moon rises. Matariki is important because its the perfect time to grow crops. People say Matariki is a good time to learn knowledge. Matariki is also a good time to learn a lot of myths because some myths link to Matariki. So, Matariki is very important to the maori and other people. It is really fun because last year some students got free crystals in the museum. This is the way that the Maori spend their new year!!

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