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for explanation writing

  • Introduction Identify
  • Explanation sequence
  • Conclusion
  • Text connectives
  • Adverbs
  • Individual goal - I write detailed ideas, information and experiences on a topic.

What it is
Who celebrates it and why
What they do to celebrate it

Matariki is constellation of seven  stars in NZ and it is also called the Pleiades. We can see Matariki in the last few days of May or at the beginning of June. Much of the stories was told about this constellation. Matariki’s stars have their own names : Tupu-ā-nuku, Tupu-ā-rangi, Waitī, Waitā, Waipuna-ā-rangi, Ururangi and Matariki (name of the central star in the cluster).  From the Maori language Mataariki means eye’s of god (mata ariki)  or little eyes (mata riki).

Matariki is referred to as the traditional Maori New Year. In the past, Maori tribes celebrated it in different times. Some Maori celebrated the festival when the Matariki was seen in the sky on north to west horizon. Other tribes waited until rising of the full moon.  Matariki is significant to maori because during their celebration they share about good and bad things which happened over their year. They also hope that new year will be better.  During their celebration, they connect with nature and give thanks to the sky and ocean.  In history when Maori saw the matariki stars they knew which season it was (winter). Also, if the stars were easy to see it meant that year would be warm and if it bunched together the year would be cold.

Today, Maori celebrate Matariki by coming together for a festival. At the festival people launch a flying kites and fireworks  for holiday feeling. Also there are three traditional maori dishes: Kai Kumara, Kai Moana and Kai Tītī.  In history maori cooked their dishes in hangi (earthen oven). In our days maori still cooked in hangi. Over a festivals a people met new friends and they have great and fun time.

Matariki is a constellation of seven stars, but it also the Maori New Year. Matariki is important to Maori but also to all of New Zealand because it celebrates Maori culture and people coming together to share about themselves.

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