Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Spotlight by 5 Minuets

‘Thank you’ I say as Miss Smerdon hands me my life (my life is a glow stick instead of an actual life) then straight away I run off, following my group with Diya and Leo. ‘Through here!’ I say as I push some leaves out of my way, I was feeling really confident about this. I passed through to the open ground where I am out of the ‘’safe zone’’ and into the ‘’danger zone’’ I didn’t realize how many parents/teachers were looking for us I ran out to the edge of the truck and then a light shone on me, my heart sank as I found out how hard and upsetting it was to be spotted, I handed the teacher Grace my life and ran back to the starting point, I realized that my group had been (who had been hiding under the truck) and it would take forever to find them again without being spotted. I said thank you again to Miss Smerdon for giving me another life and ran off the same way I had before, at that moment I saw Mr Noble with his torch off and quickly showing me to follow him, I didn’t trust him but I just started heading towards him, at that time I was with a group so quite a lot of people were with me so I stuck with my group and followed them, We entered the bush and I saw a flash of light, I quickly jumped down on my stomach while some people were too late and a parent found half of our group, while the parent was distracted with one half of the group we quickly went away, Hoping we won’t get caught, after a few seconds Mr Noble got up, he walked away, I quickly caught up, same with the rest of the group then, he stopped he pointed out at a little bridge with a stream rushing through it. He said to us ‘this way is the best way to avoid the parents. I quickly scampered across telling to group to wait because it may be a trick. I don’t think Mr Noble was listening because he must have been too busy to listen to us, I looked around and saw Aidan's mother with a vivid in her hand, I looked back and said ‘It’s clear I see the end!’ they quickly went across the bridge and saw that it was the end, I ran to her as I ran I thought, I have made it this is the best feeling ever, I gave her my glowstick and in return she gave me an X on my hand, and in the end I got two X’s on my hand, This was a huge success to my and I still wonder whether my other groups made it, or whether they didn’t. As it went to the end of the game I found Leo and Diya I asked them ‘Had you guys made it to the end?’ and Diya replied ‘Apparently I was the first to get through the whole thing!’ and I could not find Leo after that.

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  1. Very good descriptive words Michelle.


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