Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pokemon black 2 review

Starting off with pokemon red and blue the world of pokemon has advanced to their newest game pokemon black 2. Pokemon black 2 is a sequel to pokemon black after a few years the world of unova has evolved into a new world and now has more pokemon of other regions. As your mother gets a call from Professor Juniper she is offering you some pokemon. You come to met Professor Juniper assistant when you bump into your rival and he follows you too get your pokemon. When you are there you get the choice of 3 pokemon  a fire type tepig,the water type oshawott and the grass type snivy you can pick any 3 and your adventure will begin.

The game is a fantastic world of the most advanced graphics (of pokemons time). With gym leaders that are the same but in different order and so much different looking with you having to go back to the the old gym in one gym and with mind stretching puzzles for you to work out,the gyms won't be as easy as you think they would be. The training in this game was much harder when leveling,compared to platinum and black when you grind,it doesn't take a few battles because when you're level 10 to lvl up it will take more than 10 battles to fight to get your next level as in for black i could level to level 13 in under an hour to 2 and still be in the starter zone. The new world tournament is so different because you can vs people from kanto to sinnoh and when the world tournament is at the end you will vs red and other gym leaders from other region. Although the battling in the game is dull and old,the other activities in the game will outdo the old battling ways like pokestar studios imagine you’re on a pokemon movie set and you can pick almost all your favorite pokemon there is,and then making a movie you can then go to the movie theater to see the movie. Like all the pokemon games the game is all about beating all 8 gym leaders and beating the elite 4. You would expect to have the game follow on from pokemon black but it doesn't follow on it dosent do anything its like a whole different story which pulled the game down.

Giving this game bad reviews is hard because all the downsides to this game is bring back with new unique stuff to the game. This is a game that would appeal to all ages because its a fun fulling game of FUN.

I rate it 10/10 game

By Matthew M

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