Tuesday, 4 June 2013

reflection in hub 4

  • my individual goal is “I understand why
I am writing and can use an appropriate format “
  • punctuation and spelling
  • one thing that I learned
  • 5 w's

When hub 3 was at camp In Hub 4 we were making a movie by taking pictures to show people how we : connect , reflect and more Stonefields learner qualities .

I liked it ,because I had the chance to meet more kids and to be with my brother.I also liked,because I was the bigger one there and the work was quite easy.

On Friday we played learning game which is called “human and photo camera”. To play this game we had to have a buddy.
The WALHT was “quite a buddy safely to capture a snapshot of our  environment ”
My buddy was Amy M. Amy lead me to the bush.The bush was green and spiky .The sun was shining on me .Next to the spiky bush was a little palm .I could smell the fresh air .
One thing that I learned was that the moon is moving around the earth and earth is moving around the sun.

 It was nice to be in hub 4.     : )      

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