Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Spotlight my favourite five minutes at camp was when we did spotlight/ playing with my friend shakeel and running away from the lights we had glow sticks as our lives . Every time an adult spotted us we had to give them our lives and go back to the start for another one. When that happened i got really annoyed. When we died we had to go where we started near the archery course my mum and mrs smerdon were giving out the lives and having a great talk. After dying like three times i got a red glow stick. I actually survived for a while maybe half an hour. I couldn’t find shakeel for a while i was worried that i could get caught too. I had a sour taste in my mouth (I imagined shakeel was spotted) i hid myself under some boats and waited for over 10 minutes i felt excited and worried because i had been caught so many times it wasn't funny any more and it was getting dark. I survived until the game was over. i was caught by miss panapa so we went back to the cafeteria. We all had a talk about safety and then went back to our cabins. It was an awesome night and i had a awesome time. thanks for reading p.s the walk was 1 minute from bottom to the winning place :-) written by Caleb

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