Thursday, 6 June 2013

Recount Success Criteria: Open with an interesting language feature. Organise Our writing into paragraphs. Describe how we felt, what we saw , what we heard, what we smelt/tasted. Link our paragraphs with connective words and phrases. Include at least one question mark, one exclamation mark and one example of parenthesis. Recount: The Favourite 5 mins of Camp for me “Keep going, we can make it”. As I was rolling the barrel with Samo on top and lost my .....voice by encouraging my team.My group was assisting Samo so he didn’t fall down. We kept rolling until we passed the 2 cones. Samo jumped off the barrel and I could feel the delight in my chest as we run to get the rope and roll through the mud and with all the slime all of over my clothes we had to jump out of the duck pond and had to start running to the beach with each group member holding the rope. Elliot was stuck in the water( duck pond, muddy and dirty) and couldn’t get out so I had to run back and pull him out. We were all holding the rope and were sprinting, our sprint wasn’t fast because we just got out of the duck pond but we were still running as fast as we could. “Come on we’re nearly there!” my group kept encouraging the members to keep going..My group had to get in the ocean until it was chest height and we were all sprinting until we got to chest height in the water. I asked myself can I get into the ocean till chest height? “Woohoo, yeah, woooo”, I was screaming loudly because I got into the water without drowning and I saw my groups reaction and it was so hard to get that smile on their faces. My group got out of the water and went on to the rocks to take a picture and I could smell our food from close to the ocean and I felt delighted.

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