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What is Matariki?

Matariki is a celebration for Maori people as it is maori new year.Matariki is also a constallation of stars that are visible to the human eye(but only 7).

Matariki is the Maori name for the small cluster of stars also known as the Seven Sisters, in the Taurus constellation. In New Zealand it comes into view low on the north-eastern horizon, appearing in the tail of the Milky Way in the last days of May or in early June, just before dawn.

Matariki was formed when papatuanuku and ranginui were getting pushed apart by their children,Tumatauenga,Tawhirimatea,Tane-mahuta,Tanga-oa,Rongomatane,Haumietiketike ,but Tane mahuta managed to push apart his parents.Tawhiri matea(god of the winds) was sad for his parents being separated,so sad he started to cry.The next thing Tawhiri did was throw his tears up into the sky and they became stars that we now know as Matariki.

Different Maori tribes celebrated Matariki at different times. Some held festivities when Matariki was first seen in the dawn sky others celebrated after the full moon rose or at the beginning of the next new moon.Normally it is a full moon for the period of Matariki.

Traditionally, Maori were keen observers of the night sky, concluding from the stars the time and seasons, and using them to navigate the oceans. Lookouts would watch for the rise of Matariki just before dawn. For Maori, this time signified remembrance, produce and celebration.
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