Thursday, 6 June 2013

WALHT write to recount

About my school

My old school is called Mission Heights Primary or MHP for short. It can be found in Auckland somewhere by Flatbush. My old school was only for years 0-6 then they moved to MHJC.
MHJC stands for: Mission Heights Junior College.

My class room was LZ19. Lz stands for learning zone. I Started MHP in 2012 I was In Lz11 and a year 5.  some of my best friends in Lz 11 :Dane,Deirk,Sangwoo and David. Then in 2013 I move to lz 19 and some of my best friends from Lz 11 are now also in Lz 19 Dane and Deirk.
My teacher was Mrs Keba my class was a year 6 class.

My best friends at MHP are : Dane,Deirk,Alston and Robert. I stay in touch with them by Edmodo. Edmodo is like face book for kids, every one in my class has an account. Dane was my bestest friend I had at Mhp we did crazy things together and did things from ASDF movies.
Alston and I have had a few fights when we were year 5s. Deirk and I have never a had a fight In our life.  I may see them again well I hope so.

At MHP we have computers all over the school to use them you need a ID card.
A ID card is just a card with a chip we all get our own ID card you need to put it in t his slot and then it will go on your own profile. At mhp I was a PE montior.

And in the 2nd term in 2013 I left Mhp and I moved here at stone fields.I miss my best friends but that's ok my goal it to make new friends a stone fields.

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