Tuesday, 11 June 2013

“Here you go” said Sarah (Adult) As she gave me the rope. I Clipped the rope onto the harness , and  I started to climb up the ladder  every step higher I went, the  more my fear grew in me. But I kept moving.

Soon I was at the wire ten meters high. I clung on for dear life as the wind billowed around me , my peers encouraged me on. I put one foot on the wire and grasped for the rope in front of me. The wire wobbled and shook , I was out of the cover of the pole. The wind had no mercy on me it blew in my face and felt so strong I almost fell of the rope. I started to shuffle along the wire. I looked down the ground was far below me  I thought to myself a fall from this height would mean instant death.

By now I was getting the hang of being high up. I had now walked across the wire I looked to my right and saw Luca standing on the postman's walk  He was hugging the pole opposite to me I waved to him and started to shuffle back along the rope. Soon I was in the middle of the wire now I had to come down  I asked if my belayers had got me. They said that they had and they started to lower me to the ground. As I  was being lowered I got the feeling like I was a spider dangling on its silk or a secret agent stealing something!
As soon as I was on the ground I knew that this had been my favourite time at camp.

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