Thursday, 20 June 2013

Minecraft Pe 


Minecraft PE (pocket edition)  is a game for children over seven years of age this game will help the child imagination by building and just having fun.  

Minecraft PE  Is best for the Ipad or Samsung tablet Because you do not want to be straining your eyes on the screen. Minecraft PE is a blocky world that is made of square metre block this determines the height. Minecraft

If  you ever play Minecraft PE (pocket edition) you will think why did I pay 10 dollars for this boring game. But when you start building these elaborate worlds you start to notice how fun it is. When I was playing Minecraft PE I did not know what to do I got so bored but once you start to work it out you get  it you find so fun and you can  build anything.  I have a world that has an airport ,hotel ,village ,farm house ,castles ,planes and a swimming pool.

The problem with Minecraft pocket edition is that the updates for it take ages. Recently I  waited two months before it came out. Another bad point is that there is only so much that you can do and so much you can make.

I would highly recommend this  game for any people who love building and surviving and designing.

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