Thursday, 20 June 2013

finding Nemo

This epic movie has been with us for many years it was made in 2003 and the animation has exploded, finding Nemo is a good movie that took time.(I was two nearing three when i watch it. )

nemo is lost and his father Marlin is on a mission to find his son Nemo, on the way to find nemo he finds Dory and she decides to help in his quest going through dangers like the terrifying sharks in the water jelly fish and angyla fish  all scary things as you can imagine, but hay there are the good things like the cool turtle and fish that can turn into a swordfish and different patterns,suddenly nemo finds himself in a fish tank and no way of escape, unexpected happened he finds himself at Mt. Wannahockaloogie as him and his friends make an escape route thy exacape and nemo finds his dad again and happily ever after. my favorite character is the turtle because he is thinks he is cool well he is cool he is peaceful but i don't understand why he is in it but it was a good idea.

when the movie was first made it did not do well that was the only problem but when the word came to the top critics than other critics it was a hit but this movie after all is rated for a age of G movie, i think it will appeal to g rated because it has no gore blood but one good adventure  for me and from my experience it would be 100% out of 99%.

By Alexander H

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