Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Noeramiah's Song Review

‘’Mean’’ is a well inspiring song well written by Taylor Swift. Her song ‘’Mean’’ won 2 grammy awards.

The message of this song is that to try and stand up to people, don’t become someone in the shadow of the walls. This inspires non-bullies that if you get bullied you will be different and maybe make a difference. An you might be a better version than before.

Taylor Swift can be an inspiration to other people because she made a HUGE achievements which included  7 grammy awards, 11 American music awards, 7 country music association awards and 6 Academy of country music awards.

Her experience to writing songs was from her as a teenager and a young adult.

I think that she could really improve on using some nicer words for the first verse because it might make people feel like that will happen to them and it will make the people who are already bullied sad.

But to put that in a nice way in the chorus it makes people feel like they will make a difference no matter what.

My personal opinion is that she writes fabulous songs because getting inspired from your childhood makes songs better.

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