Thursday, 20 June 2013

Need for speed undercover

Need for speed undercover review
EA’s racing  game called  need for speed undercover game as come back with great features like cop chases and cool new cars

I can also compare need for speed with GTA because GTA you can hijack cars and just get into cop chases and got to different places and get cool cars but need for speed has got great graphs  and what i love about it is that you can anything and you can do races against another people.

Also it has this great slow motion action if you go up also really has no plot but it is still awesome.

i think that it can improve by enabling you to hop out of the car and also being able to go in other cars

Who it will appeal to and why
i think it will appeal to all ages because it is  really fun and it is an car game and also the would love to smash stuff on Need for speed.   
I would give this a rating out of ten an 8.5                

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