Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Aidan's 5 minutes of camp

Motutapu Camp Recount

Ready set go said the instructors i started to climb the cargo ( high ropes ) I got half way up  and got a bit nervous because of the hight and from looking down.

I remember last year I only made it half way and looked down and just froze i asked  myself Should I do it or not ?.

And I was doing it again this year.  Everyone was cheering me on saying come on Aidan ! you can do it ! go AIdan then when I finally got over my fears I slowly made it to the top. When I had made it to the top and the view was amazing i saw the a island in the distance. It looked like there was a lighthouse on that island then I felt proud of myself that I had made it to the top it was awesome. I shouted I was ready to come down then I started to abseil down. My amazing 5 minutes was over.

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