Thursday, 13 June 2013

This is Sarah's one.

Camp recount SC

  • Open with an interesting language feature.
  • Organize our writing into paragraphs.
  • Describe how we felt,what we saw,what we heard,what we smelt/tasted.
  • Link our paragraphs with connective words and phrases.
  • Include at least one question mark and one example of  parenthesis.

            5 minute recount for camp.  

    Camp is not really a big deal but there was one thing that I certainly was afraid of and         …....     that I mostly enjoyed, Which was high ropes .There were about 3 climbing activities that you could choose but I actually really enjoyed the one that was in the middle. Firstly when I was cheering on the other people that were going on was pretty fun but the fun was just about to begin. When it was my turn I suddenly felt shaky and my whole body wobbled but that was just a nervous reaction. I slowly grabbed the ladder that would lead me onto the high ropes and carefully I climbed up the ladders, About a minute later I was already on the r ropes I felt like I was on the tippy top of the city tower, I barely heard what the people  were calling to me at the bottom. It was so windy up there as if  it was a tornado blowing me away. I wanted to get off I had to think  of an idea that time, Then I thought hey!!! Maybe I could use that as an excuse.

H-help me I mumbled but nearly not a  single sound came out of my mouth but finally I managed to choke out “I can’t do this I want to get off!”. Just give it a go! Replied Emma (Which was Bodhi’s mum) At last I finally took  steps toward the end of the rope “Actually it’s pretty fun” I mumbled I took a step then another, I sighed and started laughing, I know weird right? When I got of the ropes my legs still trembled  with fear but I was also proud too.(Not really I wasn't that scared...)    

Few minutes later my group and I ended up at the rope ladders the instructor gave us instructions and said that first before we even touch the ropes we had to know that we had to Climb the ropes, Make it to the top, Get someone to hold the ropes back then slowly get off the rope ladder. I actually knew the rules already. ( That part was pretty boring) Finally after the instructor has finished “INSTRUCTING” I waited in line so that I could get a turn.

A few moments later I was already climbing on the rope ladders. Do you think that this story is boring? Well the fun part is about to begin once again. One by one I reached to grab the ropes and counted 1...2...3  then I climbed faster 4..5..6 it was weird , Really weird I had to poke my bottom out which was really embarrassing I felt like I was sitting on an invisible chair but instead of relaxing my whole leg was in pain and my arms were numb. Climbing the ropes were more worse  than I thought. “Grab!!” I finally made it to the top!!!. Gently I landed onto the ground.( I felt like kissing the floor but that wasn’t really a sensible thing to do.)  I felt so thankful, Just so you know I wasn’t scared or anything I just felt ground sick(Which meant that I missed the ground.) At last we took our harnesses off  and our helmets off. Proudly we walked back to our dorms.

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