Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My best five minunites at camp by Alasdair

“Spalt!” In goes one foot to the depths of the darkness out of sight. “Spalt!” There goes the other foot. It felt like my foot was entering a mini black hole as it sucked me in. “We’re winning the race?”, I asked matthew. He replied. “yep so keep going.” I was already knee deep and I just started prodin down the muddy and thithy stream. We had to hold a long piece of long rope all through this challenge. At the end of the stream we went into a muddy lake called “the duck pond.” We had to walk around to the left side of the pond and then went over one log and under one wire with the out letting go of the old rope (the logs were over the the mud and the wires were just above the muddy water so we had to go right in the pond.) we had to do this twice. Then we had to get out of the pond and run back to the beach, and thats were we became the The Motutapu challenge champions.

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