Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Best five Mins of camp

Best five mins of camp
“Lets go up the mountain’ i said to samo and oliver.The teachers were explaining  where the finish line was and starting point was.While they were explaining me,Ollie,Samo,jaxon and ben we were making a plan on how we were going to get to the finish without being caught.

After they had finished
explaining they were counting till we could start.They started at “10 than 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Go!” the teacher said as everyone ran of with there glowsticks lighting in the air. Everyone started hiding and i had already lost ollie,samo,ben and jaxon i was with myself, i decided to hide (under a boat). Than a lady came and got a couple of people then i ran to the grass..........I just lied there than i saw that ruby got caught as she was coming to the start to get an new glows stick.She saw me then she said there’s jae then bodhi's mum said got you i had to go back again.

Once i got my glowstick i ran. After 2 dies i found this shed so i hid in that once after this adult went passed i made an ran for it. then i got cross on my hand which meant i won then i went back to the start and got another glow stick than after 2 more wins the game finished.

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