Thursday, 6 June 2013

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When I Was Sick

I was sick so I didn’t go to the school camp.On tuesday the day before camp I wasn't really sick so I packed my bags to  go to camp. On Wednesday my dad drove me and Ryan to Pier Z but I was coughing so much so my dad said,  “you can’t go to camp”. I was really,really  sad but I got over it because   we went to the Warehouse and I got 4  monster trucks.I really liked them. After that, for the whole week I stayed at home.The only things I did At home was lie in bed watch, T.V, play on the computer and have medicine but on Sunday my friend Jonah came over.When Jonah came over we first went on our scooters and bikes.I went on my bike and he went on his scooter. we raced down and up my driveway.Up and down the path, we had lots of fun. After we went inside to play with my monster trucks. we made ramps for them. and we made them race.They were scratched  a lot.Then we played on my computer.We mostly watched monster truck videos.We also played some games.Next we ate lunch, it was nice, Then Jonah went home.

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