Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mojang the creators of Minecraft created a world that you can build, fight, adventure and slay mobs.

So Minecraft is lots of cubes and the main point of the game is to kill the ender dragon and then you win the game but it is hard to is updating all the time so it never the same for long so there is always stuff to do. There is red stone in Minecraft it is so fun you can do e.g TNT cannon, automatic farms, traps and so much more.

There is lots of ores like iron, Diamond, Budder(gold), Coal ,Redstone,  Nether quartz emerald and Lapis lazuli with some of these ores you can build armor and weapons to defend yourself against the mobs.

The animals in Minecraft are pigs, sheep, cows, bats, cats, squid, chickens and wolfs you can make babies of these animals.
There are mobs too that try to kill you in the night there are creeper, Zombie, Spider, Enderman, Witch, Ghast, Zombie pigman, Enderdragon, Wither boss, Wither skeleton, Cave spider, Silver fish, Blaze, Magma cube, Zombie villagers and last but not least Herobrine(not in Minecraft just a myth he spawns the mobs)and the nice villagers.

There is a multiplayer too. You can play with other people on Minecraft you can play with 1 to 5,000 people. People spent days and days making serves. and more people there is more fun you have.

Good things about Minecraft
·        It updates lots.
·        There is a multiplayer thing.
·        You can make a bed so you don’t have to get back to spawn.
·        You can have pet dogs and cats.
·        Noch fixes the problems/glitches.

Bad thing about Minecraft
·        To blocky once you play it for a long time.
·        Once u get killed you have to go back to spawn point if you don’t have a bed.

I rate this game 8/10

By Lachlan

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