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Hi my name is helen and I go to Stonefields School I used to go to Newmarket primary school. My likes are animals,wildlife, hockey, hockypocky ice-cream and fish an chips. My dislikes are tomatoes, Burrsel sprouts and people not looking after the environment. I tend to look after my nanas dog named penny.I have a brother a mum and a dad. That's Me.


I used go to MeadowBank school and had to put up with Twiss! Now I'm at Stonefields School and still have to put up with him! My dislikes are Eggplants and Onions. I have sister called Hana. My likes are sports( Netball and I used to do gymnastics ) my favorite ice-cream is cookies and cream. I have a pet chihuahua named snowy. That's Me

I go to Stonefields School but I used to go to Ohope Beach School. My likes are playing video games and doing Hip Hop. I like to play Rugby and Soccer. I am part of a Hip Hop crew called King of Spades. I have a brother called Jackson. My pet dog is called Belle. She's a Shetland Sheep Dog! My dislikes include getting scratched by cats! Hissss! My best friends are Samo and Ben. That's me!

Hi my name is Dani and I love hokey pokey ice-cream and cookies and cream ice-cream.  My likes are playing PSP, computer games, going out to the steak house in St Lukes and going to school.  I play piano and I'm very good at it.  I've been playing since I was 5.  I also play netball.  I practice on Mondays and play the games on Thursday.  I love with my Mum and Dad.  I have a pet called Frankie (but we call him Franko!) and he's a Bichion cross Maltese which is a breed of dog.  My favourite colours are dark pink, light green, light blue and purple.  My dislikes are rin, onions, getting glue on my fingers and coconut milk.  My best friends are Maddy, Stella, Lauren, Alex and Nina.  That's me!

Hi, I'm Hana.  I go to Stonefields School and have made lots of friends here.  I like to do gymnastics, run and read in my spare time.  I also like chocolate and chihuahuas.  My family is originally from Japan and I've been there 9 times!  I love Japan and I'd like to live there one day.  My favourite colour is purple and my least favourite is brown.  I'd love to know more about you... please leave a comment on our blog!

I go to Stonefields School and I was born right here in New Zealand.  My favourite foods are smoked chicken, pasta and corn.  I love pasta!  I live with my English mum and also my dad and Vicky and my pesty little brother (Hi Ben!)  My favourite place to go on holiday is North Australia.  We went on a camp there and it was really fun.  In my spare time I like to read adventure and fantasy books and pull spare lego sets and rebuild them.  I also like cooking and baking ("it's not just for boys!") food to eat.

I'm from South Africa and like swimming and hockey.  I hope to become a professional swimmer when I'm older.  My Gran, she passed away in 2007 and last year my Nana passed away also.  I miss them both lots.  One of my Nan's is a teacher and I had 3 dogs back home.  I've made new friends here but it was sad leaving my old friends.  I hope that my old friends get to read about my new ones and what learning we've been doing.  Hi guys!  Hope to see you soon.

Damien P
My name is Damien and I love origami.  I like to make lucky stars and I hope I can make 1000 and get a wish!  I would wish for billions of papers to make more origami.  I was born in China and I went back on holiday when I was six years old, it was fun.  In China there are lots of things I like, some toys only cost $2!  I like to eat dumplings and noodles.  I don't like eating carrots or vegetable soup.  I like playing badminton.  I hate walking!  I'm always hungry.

Hi, my name is Craig.  My favourite sports are sailing, soccer and cricket.  I spend a lot of time sailing and compete in regattas with people much older than me!  My favourite foods are apples, pizza and cupcakes.  My dislikes are playing rugby and eating mushrooms.  At home we have a cattery and I love going in there and playing with the cats.  When I'm older I'd like to be a sailor or a veterinarian because I'm passionate about both of these things.

Hi, my name's Finn.  My favourite sports are cricket and rugby.  At home I like to play on my Playstation and computer.  On nice days I like to go to the beach to run around on the sand.  My favourite food is pork ribs and butter chicken.  My dislikes are brussel sprouts, tomatoes and onion.  I recently moved to Stonefields School and have made a lot of friends here.  It's a good school because the classrooms are big, there's a lot of space to work, there are a lot of computers and you get to sit on bean bags!  Are you jealous??

I'm originally from Whakatane which is further south in the North Island and most of my family still lives there.  I like horse riding and have been riding since I was 1! I have a brother called Matthew and a step sister called Millie.I grew up on a farm and moved when I was 3 into town.  My favourite food is butter chicken and I don't like brussel sprouts, asparagus or melted cheese (I like it normally, just not melted.)  My favourite spot for having a holiday is probably Tonga which is a Pacific Island.  There's lots of tropical fish there and stunning clear water.  I played hockey for 3 years and really enjoyed it.  Thanks for reading!

I like chocolate, apples and cous cous (but not at the same time!)  Some of my friends are Craig, Nate, Kal-el, Finn, Vincent and Edwin.  I like reading, maths and writing too.  My favourite sports are soccer, rugby, cricket and basketball.  My favourite teachers are Miss Holland, Miss Smerdon and Mr Pinnock.  I spend some time living with Mum and some time living with Dad and Vicky (she taught me how to play the keyboard and piano.)  We do lots of baking at home and I'm really good at it.  My brother Jamie is in LH3 too.

Mrs Chapman
I'm a teacher at Stonefields School. I have 2 daughters, aged 13 and 20. My husband is a book Publisher we have 2 cats named Missy and Molly. I used to play hockey and I was in the school orchestra. I am a costumed guide and Howick Historic Village. My favorite cartoon is Peanuts (Charlie Brown). My favorite colour is viridian. I am allergic to beef, potato and soy. I am a published author; one of my books was The Dunmore Book of NZ Records.I really hate shellfish but I love hokey pokey  ice-cream and music. One of my fears is growing old. That's me!

Miss Jenni Smerdon
I love sports - I play netball and touch rugby.  I love Stonefields School because the staff, the learners and their families are fun, friendly and fantastic!  I love Turkish food and going to the Sky Tower for dinner because it has an amazing view!  (I hope my partner Steve is reading this!)  My children Edwin and Lily are my best friends, they make me happy and laugh every day!

Miss Sarah Holland
I love using technology to help improve the learning and engagement of my students and I love teaching! I have two cats (Ollie and Cosma) and like extreme sports like bungy jumping and scuba diving.  My favourite foods are hash browns, spare ribs and pizza and I really don't like onion or mushrooms!  I like collecting animal hats (and I don't even know why!)  I hope you like looking around our blog...

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  1. hi learning hub 3
    These are cool faces that you all made. How did you all make them? my favourite faces are Meg Paton and Hana.
    From Anthia.

  2. Hi Anthia it is cool to know that you would like to know how to make a face just like us.If you would like to you can go down to the bottom of the post and there is a link to the website we used. Just incase you don't want to scroll down here is the link and then all you have to do is click on it then when you are done you just click onto screenshot. So why don't you have a go,I hope that you enjoy make your face. Come up and visit us if you need help. Thanks for reading our blog! I'll look at yours too :)

  3. Hi Hub 3,
    I Like all your cartoon faces. The funny one is Ben, it look crazy. I didn't know you like cricket. Craig, you look cool and awesome.
    From Miduran.

  4. G'day LH3,

    Thanks for registering for the September student blogging challenge. Make sure you visit the blog every week beginning September 12, when the first challenge will be published. If you want a reminder sent to your email each week, use the "Subscribe by email" on the right sidebar of the blog. Also make sure you visit blogs from other classes around the world.

    Miss Wyatt or tasteach - challenge organizer

  5. Hi Miss Wyatt, great to hear from you! We're very excited to be involved for the first time. Thanks from LH3!!

  6. Hi Learning Hub 3,
    Thank you so much for hosting me today for a visit and a special thanks to my terrific tour guide Paton. I had a fantastic time and was amazed at all the awesome learning taking place in the hub. I look forward to reading more of your adventures on the blog.


  7. Hi! How lovely to read about the things you like doing. It's also interesting to see students coming from many different places or whose parents come from many places. I'm a teacher at Bradford Moor Primary School in Bradford, West Yorkshire, which is in England. Our school is quadblogging with yours. Hope to hear from you soon on our Bradford Moor Blog. Bye for now!

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  13. I think your school is amazing.You all sound fantastic.I am Amman from Bradford moor primary school.

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  20. where did you get the cool faces from?

  21. hey guys its meg its great to hear from u guys again. one day i might have a visit if i can!!


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