Friday, 28 June 2013

Animal Sustainability

  • Introduction - Identifying Statement
  • Explanation Sequence
  • Conclusion - Summary Statement
  • Punctuation/Sentences
  • Individual Goal : understand why I am writing and can use an appropriate format.

  • Intro
  • Being sustainable with rubbish - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Being sustainable with fishing - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Being sustainable with shipping - what is wrong? What can we do?
  • Conclusion

                                                      Animal sustainability
In the ocean are lots and lots of animals that are dying, because the people through pollution in the ocean. We need to protect the animals and the ocean so that they are still existing in the future.

One problem is that people are still throwing rubbish in the sea, so when it goes under the water the animals are thinking that the pollution is food and they eat it. They get sick from eating the rubbish and die. We can prevent this by stopping throwing rubbish in the sea or on the beach, If we don’t, one day our beach is going to be really dirty and all the animals will be gone.

beach      ocean
animals are dying ):

When a ship runs aground in the ocean the oil spills on the penguins, the birds and the fish. All the animals nearby will be covered in oil.  If a penguin gets oil on itself, it can’t swim and it can’t lay eggs. It makes it hard for their skin to breathe and they cannot clean themselves. Also, they can die from eating even small amounts of oil.

Lots of us likes to have fish for dinner and we know is delicious but we forget about how many tons the people are fishing.There were many dolphins but now there are not a lot of them,because the people are fishing on them.The people can stop fishing tones of fishes,because the people can eat lots of things but there are not so many fishes that the people can eat.
The people are shipping and shipping and they forget that the oil is going into the water. The oil is really bad for the animals  and when they eat it they can’t brief and they die.We can stop shipping.The people can just fly with an airplane if they want to go somewhere far.
I hope one day we the people are going to have something like “ Cleaning the beach day “ and all of us are going to help.           

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  1. Great writing i learnt a lot. Even littering on land is a problem because when heavy rain comes it all gets washed into the rivers and drains then out to sea.We should never litter at all.


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