Thursday, 18 April 2013

Thomas Edison Description

This sensational man was a nice person and he did a lot of things that helped the world, it was him who changed the world and made life easier and better for everyone.

 He made the light bulb even better than it is..........HE IS A INVENTOR!!!! He invented quite a few things that helped the world to be like it is today. He owns 4 companies. He invented the electric generator video camera and lots of other useful things.

 His school days lasted no more than...3 months of school!!!! But his mother Nancy taught him everything he knows today. He was kicked out of school because the teachers thought he was too stupid.

 He lived in Kentucky and was born in Ohio 1847. He had Snow white hair and had great black eyebrows. He had normal skin

 His proudest achievement is making the light bulb better. Franklin polp helped him a lot. To prove that A/C is too powerful he filmed a execution on a 28 year old elephant and some other animals using a electric chair!!!

So that is the inventor thomas edison

By Kush

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