Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sophia's descriptive writing.

Thomas Alva Edison Thomas was born in 11 February 1847 in Ohio, Miligan and died on the 18 October 1931. His mother and father were Nancy and Samuel. He had misty grey hair like someone's breath on a frosty morning. His eyebrows were as big as giant black paint smears. The way he dressed was always the same: smart suit and usually a waistcoat. Growing up Edison was the youngest of seven. He had pressure from his mother to do well in school and not fail. But he hated school because his mind often wandered and the teacher got angry and called him names. The only faith came from his mother. He began his career inventing the phonograph using cardboard cylinders covered with wax. As he kept succeeding he soon had come up with a way to invent DC power and to manufacture it to peoples houses. At this time he also had lots of competition with manufacturing power. Nikola Tesla was producing AC power at the same time. So Edison’s plan was to market someone sitting in an electric chair made of AC power and make everyone think that it was too strong. Two years later he married on of his staff, Mary Stilwell and they had three children, Marion, Thomas JR and William. But a couple of years later Mary died at the age of 29, possibly from a brain tumor. Then at the age of 39 Thomas married Mina Miller and they had three more children, Madeleine, Charles and Theodore. Edison’s invention successes included: Incandescent light bulb, Phonograph, Carbon microphone, Movie camera, Phonograph cylinder, Quadruplex telegraph, Electric power distribution, Mimeograph and over 1000 more. Although Thomas Edison was a world leader for inventing incredible things, he collected stray cats, dogs, sheep, horses and he fryed a 98 year old elephant with AC power. I think that Thomas Edison was a remarkable man and it is great that we have continued his inventions and developed them even more. But I don’t think that it was right to fry animals.

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  1. Thank you for the learning in this review Sophia as I only remember Mr Edison for inventing the light bulb as i can see he has invented a lot more.
    I agree with your comments about his electric chair and collecting stray animals for experimentation.


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