Monday, 2 December 2013

I believe that in at least 20 years we will have much more sophisticated transport. The type of transport we are most likely to have for trains is electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is a form of energy that is created by magnets with an electrical current flowing through them. This causes the object to hover of the when the object enters the field of electromagnetism. I also believe that we will have much more sophisticated cars. Because we are soon getting electric cars in countries some people have been working on better designs for cars. When you look at some of them you might think that the people who thought of these designs are crazy. Then you might think again and again and again. Then eventually you might think that it is a good design. Because some people love the joys of speed in petrol cars, normally they would want it in electric cars as well. But because petrol cars are more powerful than electric cars, these people might have made these for the people that like to go fast almost have the same experience.

Since we are at that point in the future where humans have got so clever   that we are designing revolutionary things. Because over the years humans have gotten more clever and are designing better versions of computers and phones. Yet we still have lot’s to learn about this technology design. Although we are already quite good at this stuff we have a bit of an advantage because since we are good at making the other stuff like computers and phones we might we just as good at this as we are at the other stuff. This is basically science for example the power of electromagnetism, combined with technology for example the sliding doors  on a train, and the announcement for it. Therefore I think we humans are clever enough to combine science with technology.

So back to the subject of electric cars. You would probably think that electric cars are slow quiet and dull. Although you may think that not all electric cars are like this. The only true factor about electric cars is that they are quiet, and maybe a tiny bit dull. Although that might just be what we will have to live with. The thing is with electric cars is that even if you had the same amount of horsepower on an electric car it still wouldn’t go as fast as a petrol  car because petrol is more powerful than electricity. All in all the electric car is certainly going to be slower than the petrol car.

My Conclusion is that it is likely we will have transport like this. The most likely type of future transport is the electric cars and trains because since they are already being engineered we will be able to make better creations of the trains and cars.

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  1. Interesting about electric cars! Not long ago we had "hybrid" buses in the city centre in Auckland (the red buses that were free) and they were so quiet you wouldn't know they were there. It was quite freaky to look one last time before crossing the road only to find a bus was RIGHT THERE and you hadn't heard it. I wonder if we'll have a much quieter world with electric cars and if we'll come to think of the quietness as not dull-but wonderful? Thanks for you thought provoking piece Luca!


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