Thursday, 28 November 2013

We should have stronger penalties for people who abuse animals

We should have stronger penalties for people who abuse animals!

Have you ever wondered why we have organizations like the SPCA? Have you wondered some owners abused their pets? Do you think that animals should be treated this way? Do you think that the old owners need a bigger punishment than a fine? Pets love to be to be around us, but half of them live in terrible and squalid conditions, being abused on a regular basis, and then, we there is no more use for them, dumped, on the side of a street, where workers for organizations like the SPCA find them, and take them under their wing until adoption. The original owner/owners don’t get a penalty except for a fine, that’s when they’re caught, and even that is small.  I think we should have bigger punishments for the injury the animal has sustained, something bigger than a fine.

When people buy an animal, the pet shop think it’s because they want a companion. Some people have the delusionary thought that because they have bought the animal, they have the right to do whatever they want with it, and then you wonder why they treat their animal cruelly and why the SPCA even exists. Then you go to the SPCA website and the are stories of animals that are underfed, injured, dumped and unwanted.

Some pets are underfed or don’t get essential requirements that we have, like nutrition, and are therefore living a terrible existence. Some are restrained, having to do everything in the same patch of dirt. Others are wounded and injured, so hurt that when the are dumped they are limping around towns and streets. More are dumped and left to meander around. The owners don’t get much of a penalty, unless you count a very small fine.

The punishment is usually done when the old owner is caught and actually differs in countries. In some places it is a short sentence in prison. In others it is a extremely small fine. Small punishments make it seem alright for someone to hurt their pet, then get away with it.

People may say that they’re just animals, they don’t have real feelings. That is not true. Animals, especially the kind that spend their time with humans, have feelings. they feel sadness when they are left out and loneliness when the can only interact with themselves.

Others may say that they store-bought items, we can do whatever we want with them. Again, untrue. They are animals, living objects with beating hearts that feel pain. They are changed beings based on what you do to them, you hurt them, they become cruel. Treat them with love and they will give it back.

We must have bigger consequences for people who abuse animals because it is cruel, uncaring and evil. We should look after them and care for them and show them respect. Dogs and cats have saved people’s lives before and now it is time for us to save theirs. We should increase the fines and lengthen the jailing period. We should stop animal cruelty once and for all!!

Diya C

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