Wednesday, 6 November 2013

persuasive writing by Rosie and Reha

Persuasive Writing SC
Purpose: Make the reader agree with you, because you want something from the reader

  • Facts/reasons that support your argument
  • Strong verbs
  • Personal pronouns (I, I’m, you)
  • Language features: rhetorical questions, adjectives
  • Vocab
  • Introduction, Arguments, Conclusion
  • Present tense

* Dogs are better than cats *
Dogs are better than cats because cats are lazy and dull. You can train dogs to become guard dogs and guide dogs. Dogs always keep you company and they play with you so you're not bored but cats just run away and don’t do anything. You can also train dogs to do tricks but its not that easy to do with cats.

You would love a dog, They are really cute and loveable. A dog can protect you because of their stealth and strength. Puppies always play and bark and like to have fun when cats just like to sleep all day. Buy a dog, its worth the money. If you like, you can get dogs for free on Trade Me, I would recommend it.

Cats are boring and scratch you when  you try to play with them and you can't teach them tricks. Basically you can’t do anything with them. I know that you will like dogs better than cats. Kittens are cute but puppies you can train dogs to be extraordinary animals but cats all you can do is cuddle but they smell bad some times, well at least they are cute.

Overall, dogs are better that cats, you can’t argue about it. One more thing, cats bully dogs, which is sad. Cats always sleep in dogs beds, mean right? Dogs are mans best friend.

Evil cat...


By Rosie and Reha


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  4. I like how you have put funny pics and used punctuation and paragraphs

    You could inprove on in put strong words


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