Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Why should people stop smoking.

  • Facts/reasons that support your argument
  • Strong verbs
  • Personal pronouns (I, I’m, you)
  • Language features: rhetorical questions, adjectives
  • Vocab
  • Introduction, Arguments, Conclusion Present tense   *

Why should people stop smoking.

Do you know what happens when you smoke daily?  Tar gets stuck on your lungs and makes it harder for you to breathe. Teens ages 12 - 17 start smoking when they see their neighbors setting a bad example for them.

People would assume that when you smoke it makes you more alert but what actually happens it ruins your personal hygiene. It causes symptoms like: Yellow teeth, Foul breath and also the difficulty of catching up with your friends in games or sports. You wouldn’t see an ad or a billboard for cigarettes or tobacco, but the companies who own them try their best to sell their product. They try to persuade you to buy it. They are actually setting a bad example for kids that are going to be adults soon.

Smoking is bad for you because cigarettes and tobacco kill hundreds and thousands of people every year. You know those rubber bracelets that were created to bring attention to different causes? The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids have created  red bracelets  with the number 1,200 on it. Do you know why it’s  1,200? That's the number of people who die each day all around the world because of smoking. The poisons or chemicals in tobacco can start lots of diseases like heart problems and sometimes cancer.

There is another disease called passive smoking. It can damage your body, and hurt other people around you even babies. Imagine this; A mother puts her baby down in her  cot and then go out to smoke leaving the door open. When she came back to check on her, she was dead because she had breathe in the air that was from the cigarette.

I believe that when you smoke, you can cause harm to other people too. After you have read this piece of writing, I hope that you are persuaded to stop smoking and to also persuade or show this piece of writing to whoever that you want to help.  

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