Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Help stop smoking

  • Facts/reasons that support your argument
  • Strong verbs
  • Personal pronouns (I, I'm, you)
  • Language features: rhetorical questions, adjectives
  • Vocab
  • Introduction, Arguments, Conclusion
  • Present tense

people don’t need to smoke

Smoking is another bad habit. It kills a lot of people from a short amount of air and makes your skin damaged bad. It also has an effect on teeth, No matter how much you brush the more you smoke the more yellow stays there.
. If you find it hard to stop you can buy products that are similar but doesn't have any harm to you. Why do you need to smoke?, why is it that smoking is so important to you, you need to stop your not only harming yourself, you're harming other people and the environment. Smoking tobacco or anything else drug like is going to shorten your life. You can't live happy if you're smoking. Just think what's more important, your life or smoking something bad that will kill all your happiness?.

Why smoke when it's killing you. Its not fair for your family to lose you, And if you're an only parent EVEN WORSE if you die who will look after your child, he would have to go to an orphanage If you have children do you really think its safe for them if you're smoking. The way you can look after yourself is to not smoke and if your friends smoke make sure your friends stop too Choose the best answer for your life. Thanks for reading and hopefully listening.

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