Tuesday, 19 November 2013

All About Fynn

Hello my name is Fynn and I am going to tell you about me.
I will tell you what I look like , What my passion is and my family.
I hope you enjoy.

I am 140 cm and way 20kg. I Have hazel  eyes   brown eye brows .
My skin color is tan. My shoe size is 2 ½  . I have two feet two eyes and one nose. I love my body it feels awesome.
I hate being sick all the time I don't like about my body.

My passion is to dance and  play hockey .   I played hockey in the A team at my old school and played for Canterbury grade five .
My two biggest achievements is being world number 3 in dancing and getting runner up in dancer of the year. I love my dancing friends like they are my family.
My team and dance friends are like my family .

My family are very sporty we've had three of our family in the All Blacks the black sticks and my uncle created the Silver fern. The people in my family are Mum Poua Kalina Ceryan  David Shane Kristy Tamati Tomas Liam Ros Garry Warren Lucy Ella Michel Mariea Edie Glenda Kirsty and Cheryl. My family are everything to me. I cant wait to have my next family outing.
Uncle tomas.

I love my self like I am an million are I love my family are like gold  see you next time. and love your family and friends.

and that all about me.

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