Saturday, 28 September 2013

Calling all Duck Lovers!

In order to help us to create the Duck Story Book 2, we have a Competition for you!

We are having a contest to see who can come up with best idea for the duck story. It can be a character, a vehicle or anything quacky! The best entry will be included in the story and the inventor named as a character. The more details the better!
If you haven't read our award winning Duck Story yet - Winner of the Twissiest Book of the Year and Winner of the Best Self Written Book from the Magniflorious Math Doc! - here's the link:
Here's a sneak preview of Book 2. Enjoy!

“Roger help!” screamed a voice.
“How could you let this happen Roger. We trusted you!” accused another. It morphed to a vision of people in chains being led towards a slave camp.
“NOOOOOO!!!” yelled Roger sitting up in bed with a jolt. He lay panting on his bed slowly realising that it was just a dream.  It had a quality to it that left Roger wondering if it had been more than just a normal dream. “Don’t be ridiculous.” he thought. He hadn’t recognised the people in the dream but had the feeling that he trusted and knew them. They’d had that odd accent that all the Australians he met had. “Maybe you’ll make some new friends with the Aussies.” laughed a little voice in the back of his head, that Roger had nicknamed Lewis a month ago when it appeared. It had an annoying habit of making sarcastic comments about his sanity and making him wonder if it was true that talking to yourself was the first sign of madness. “Talking to yourself about whether or not you're going insane. Second sign.” Lewis signed, seemingly to no one.
“Oh, shut up.” Roger grumbled, unable to think of a good comeback.

He got changed and went for a walk around the compound, still not used to the heat of Tasmania. Since they arrived, Roger, Tim, Bridget and Carl had been treated as heroes when they heard what had happened on their previous mission. This had been boosted by the fact that they had brought 5000 soldiers with them and a small air force and navy. They had been put to good use immediately by the Australian leader.
Roger rounded the corner and found himself staring at the wall. No matter how many times he saw it, it always took his breath away.  With walls ten meters thick and over 100 meters tall  it was a sight to behold. It stretched across the southern end of the island and was the only thing keeping the ducks from just overwhelming it’s inhabitants with sheer numbers. Roger waved to the dawn patrol on the walls, who, instead of their normal cheerful wave in return, beckoned urgently for him to go up to the top of the wall with them. His smile wiped from his face, Roger radioed his squad in. “Meet me on top of the wall. Turns out we’re about to meet some Aussie Ducks.”

“Well, won’t this be fun.” muttered Lewis.


  1. Suicide Quaker-Matthew

  2. Agent D aka agent duck. its a small chick that's been trained in all sorts of duck jutsu and has never failed a mission he has a minigun two swords and is yellow and small-Matthew and Lachlan

  3. Agent D aka agent duck. its a small chick that's been trained in all sorts of duck jutsu and has never failed a mission he has a minigun two swords and is yellow and small-Matthew and Lachlan

  4. The rebelquack a duck hand gun powered by the very resources the rebels use cheese combined with nuclear waste to fired high power radioactive cheese bullets to make the rebels untreatable in the sense they will mutate and die (Reuse the bullets fired by the rebels)

    The quack-o-bore a duck drill to make the rebel bases fall into the ground and destroy rebel power stations

    Dr egg a head medic scientist to mutate the embryos in eggs to make super ducks for the war to defeat the humans


  5. Sir Quakalot. Duck With monocle. evil Genius

  6. juggernaut / cheeseanaut

    cheese4 as in c4


    homing egg bombs

  7. Quackers: Crackers that are shaped like humans and give the ducks extra strength

    The Quacker-stellar: A duck ship that is shaped like a duck and is 100 metre length and a 300 metre wingspan. Is loaded with cannons, torpedo and missile launchers and shields that are immune to cheese bullets.

    The duck-pedo: a torpedo that is shaped like a duck and is very explosive

    The Duck-marine: a duck submarine that, Ironicly looks like a duck. is bristling with all sorts of weapons and sonar shields

  8. The Cheese-O-Holic A super powered duck that uses cheese as an advantage and gets bigger and stronger from cheese

  9. Cheese90 a gun that fires at a strong rate and fires really far-Matthew
    Cheeseasurus its the greatest weapon against the duck army it looks like a dinasour but is made out of cheese and metal and shoots cheese nuke

  10. the ultimate human warrior that can run the speed of light adn super strength and super site with blades that come out of his rists and has cheese cannons on his arms and cheese grenades on his belt


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