Monday, 14 October 2013

MY Narrative

It was they only thing to do and that  was to defeat the …….aliens otherwise the world would be taken over. cpt joe commanded everyone to move forward because they aliens were moving in they soldiers could see they aliens from the other side of the ship and the aliens could see the soldiers from the other side of the ship has well.The soldiers started to move for they aliens  were and they aliens ran has well it was the battery of the century than they soldiers realized they were out numbered. The battle began no one knew who would win or lose Sgt george threw an frag to the other team but wasn't aware that there was an alien right next to him so his soul got sucked out of him collapsed on the ground floor then he went black out.

The war had finish they humans surrendered  the humans that had survived were held prisoners in a ship hovering an earth Cpt.joe was one of the few people alive but he already knew what was going to happen and that was to do with earth.The next morinig he found himself in a dark room he couldnt see anything all he saw was one little light somewhere behind a glass then he knew where he was he was getting interviewed.

A voice came blowing through the speakers it was saying blo bla Bolbala then the voice came out in english the alien was saying you guys are worthless pig holes you disgrace your planet and now there is n
ow to be you I will destroy your planet Cpt joe felt like his veins in his arms were going to pop out  he couldn't afford to let planet earth be destroyed but it was too late the ship was already hovering over earth and I could see that nothing could be done. Then suddenly out of nowhere he felt an hit on the back of his head

He woke up with blood streaming down he's back of his head he stuck his hand where it hurt and he could feel the blood coming out of his head Capt joe had to think of any plan he had to protect earth otherwise earth will have no life on earth than they saw an lighting beam flashing down at earth after a few minutes he could already see cars and stuff already coming up they beam he had to find how to stop this crime.

Cpt joe already knew that stuff was disappearing but he didn't know how to stop it he had no one to help him but he thought of an plan and i wa s a  good one.

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