Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hunting Bigfoot

Hunting Bigfoot

He looked sneakily through the bushes at two hunters. He thought for a moment that he might get caught  but then he realized that he was much bigger than the hunters and had much longer legs than them, therefore it was be easy to outrun them. He grabbed a thick nearby branch and snapped it off. It was loud enough for the hunters to hesitate.
“What was that!” said one of the hunters. “I have no idea!” said the other. “Maybe it’s a rabbit!” said the other one. Bigfoot heard the hunters reloading they're guns and got ready to run. He flung the branch at them through the bushes and made a run for it. He heard the leaves rustle as he ran along and the branches snapping in his face as he sped along the forest. He could hear the hunters yelling and running after him. He could also hear the the deafening bang of the gunshots that the hunters were firing after him.

Bigfoot felt an ache of pain in his thigh muscle. He could still hear the yelling and screaming of the enraged hunters running after him. He knew he had to keep going. He stood up and howled in pain for he had pulled a thigh muscle badly. He yelled to himself “I have to keep going!”. Now that was enough for the hunters to flee. Bigfoots yell echoed across the valley for miles on end.

Snap! The flash of the camera made Borris blink. I did the same to his friend Tom. But they were excited not only because they were going to be in the paper but they thought they saw a Bigfoot. They were famous for it now only after 2 days. They had already made hundreds of dollars for it. But they were also unbelievably curious about Bigfoot.
Although they weren’t the only ones who were curious a team of scientists who had been waiting for this opportunity for years. Their mission was to get evidence that bigfoot was real and then free him. There were 6 scientists.

They also were not aware that there was another team of scientists who were bad and wanted to kill bigfoot before anyone else. There were 4 of them. As soon as they saw it they went straight to their leader and told him that this was their opportunity. He said “Lets do it”. Meanwhile the other team of scientists were taking a better look at the article about Bigfoot. It said “2 hunters have been believed to have spotted Bigfoot out in the forest. One of the hunters has spoken to us about the incident, he said “First I heard a loud noise that sounded like something snapping, then all of a sudden I saw a thick tree branch coming at me. After that I heard something big runaway. I grabbed my friend Tom and we ran after it. About 5 minutes we heard a yowl of pain. We think it was the Bigfoot. After that we heard it yell something but we couldn’t quite hear what it was. We think he said something like “I have to keep it up”. The scientists were shocked at this. “I never thought that animal could talk” said one of the scientists, “Well maybe he might not be a bigfoot” said another.

Meanwhile at the evil lab, “What if this bigfoot isn’t really what everyone thinks it is” said an evil scientist, “Well that why we want to kill it, so we can prove to the world that bigfoot isn’t real”. “But sir, what bigfoot really is real, then we will be wrong and we would have ruined the chance for other scientists” said a different scientist. “Exactly, thats what we want to do” said leader “And thats that!”.

2 months later the other team of scientists was in the place where bigfoot was last spotted. “Have you set the cameras up?” said a scientist, “I'm just setting them up now” said the other, “Good” said the scientist. Later that night in their tent one of them woke up to the sound of some leaves rustling and an awful smell. “Wake up, wake up” said the scientist. “Uhh what is it” said the other who was half asleep. Then they heard some heavy breathing coming from outside the tent. Now that really woke up the half asleep scientist. “What, what was that?”. “Check the cameras” said the other. While the scientist was checking the cameras the other one woke up all the other scientists one by one. He shook all of them awake one by one. Each time he did it they groaned and grunted and made all sorts of weird noises. About ten minutes later they were all wide awake. The scientist that checked the cameras still hadn’t come down yet.After about half an hour of waiting the scientists were getting a little bit suspicious of why the other scientist hadn’t come back yet. “I’ll go and check” said a scientist, all the others nodded.

He went to check and when he got there what he saw was unthinkable. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” screamed the scientist. The other scientists could hear him from the tent. All of them leapt to their feet and sprinted as fast as they could where the other scientist was. When they got their they saw the incident. The scientist that had gone to check the cameras was dead. “What happened to him” said the scientist. “It might have been bigfoot” said a scientist. “No it can't have been bigfoot” said a different scientist.

3 months later they still hadn’t had any sign of bigfoot. “I wonder if bigfoot is actually real” said a scientist. Meanwhile with the other scientists, “Our assassination was successful sir” said one of the evil scientists, “Good” said their leader. Meanwhile out in the woods, so far far out in the woods, a hunter is out there just doing his usual hunting routine, when suddenly he hears some rustling. “Who’s there!” said the hunter. Then out of the bushes comes the thing that really needs to shave bigfoot! Bigfoot grabs the hunters head and pulls it off. Blood is spurting out.

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