Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The attack of the Gigantopithecus

Bob dawdled into the room and dumped him self on the couch his hair  falling over his eyes. Bob  reached for TV remote just as the telephone rang he groaned  and got back up he walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver. “Hello” He mumbled “Hello” said a cheerful voice on the other side “You have just won a glorious trip camp bigfoot for you and two others” great mumbled jon still tired from  his day at school. “Hey wait Camp” “Beep Beep Beep BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP” Bob put down the receiver confused  at what had just happened. Two minutes later the doorbell rang and  a delivery man shouted package for Bob Tae. Bob was not sure whether he  should open the door. He pulled himself together and opened the door. “Well you took your time all right.” the Delivery man growled  “Ok sign here please” Bob signed the package and closed the door.  He opened the box and read how long till he was going and where. It seemed that everything had been booked and payed for he was leaving in two days time. He rang a few of his mates and two could come these two were jon and steve.

6 hours 45 minutes later they were in bed at camp bigfoot bob ,Jon and Steve had there own cabin with everything they needed. Bob  had been very tired from the flight and the drive so as soon as he got into the cabin he was asleep soon all the people in the cabin were asleep. A few hours later  snuffling was heard around the camp. Bob woke up First1 at first he thought it was a camp guard but when he heard how big the footsteps were bigger and louder than anyone could make he woke up  jon and Steve and together they went outside what bob saw next could only be described as an  giant ape  it was at least 12 foot tall and about two meters round. Bob recognised the creature institally “Gigantopithecus”whispered Bob “what” said steve  “Gigantopithecus the scientific name for bigfoot” whispered . Suddenly Jon started  to scream Bob only saw the giant creature pulling John away Bob and  Where thunderstruck and froze but it disappeared as fast  as it came and they sprang into action.   They grabbed their shoes and a thick jacket and they ran out into the cold night air...

As the two boys ran through the through the forest A very weird snorting noise got louder the boys could soon see the shadow was right in front of them. when the creature just disappeared. The boys stopped puzzled with what had just happened. “lets get some shut eye” steve murmured. It was Snowing hard and the  boys had to stay really close together to conserve heat. The extra heat made the boys sleepy and soon they were dreaming about chasing man eating big foots and people screaming. The boys woke early it was lucky that Steve had grabbed a bag of food. They ate a little bit of food but the thought of what may have happened to their friend was terrible and put them right of food. They discussed what they were to do. “Well I think  go and see where our friend the bigfoot disappeared” said Steve “Yeah thats important” replied Bob “Lets go where he disappeared” Said Bob quietly. The two boys set of and soon were where big foot disappeared they looked around there was nothing to show where the big foot disappeared. “Hey Bob look here the snow is a lot deeper than before” Shouted Steve “Let’s dig a hole here” The boys dug for  Half an hour and soon had a very big hole. They entered the cave below.

The boys were never seen again the reason of their death was unknown. The bodies were never  found.

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