Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Leo's Bigfoot Narrative

Leo's Bigfoot Narrative

Bigfoot hunt

On June 6th of 2016
mysterious things happened....

Chapter 1 ( Leo’s view)(in the past)
“Ahhh” I yawned  I woke up and got dressed then i went down stairs I was 24, I was an Air Marshal for the R.A.F ( Royal Air Force ) I was In my house in Manchester  and I turned on the TV and the news was on.  “Now we are going to reporter Jamie Graves at the site of the incident” “Thanks Lawson, now what has happened here is not something you see everyday, we have our eye witness Miduran Jackson, Miduran?” I saw a drunk driver and he ran over a skateboarder but i guess it was the skateboarders fault for not look both ways but it’s the drunk drivers fault as well for drink driving." "And in late news 8 people have gone missing for 12 days, people are starting to think it is an Alien abduction."   Suddenly I black out and I and woke up and I was falling!! I stay calm and tried not to panic, it was then when I noticed another person above me so I Screamed at him "Hey!! Wake up!!!" he did not reply so I grabbed him and pulled his parachute we landed into the woods and found an ID on him his name was Samo Adams FBI And he had a M4A1 Strapped to his back, i took it then he woke up and i Said "why are you here?" "I don't know i was in New york on a case when I blacked out and now i'm here, who are you? He replies "I am Leo Mctavish, an Air marshal with the R.A.F, why are we here and where are we? I ask “I don’t know but would you mind pointing that gun somewhere else?” I lower my gun. Then Suddenly.....

To be continued

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