Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bigfoot Story

I’m part of the saver group to save Bigfoot, I want to see Bigfoot and save him from capture. This war will see who can claim Bigfoot. We gaze round the campsite, it is bland, there’s no life or nature. We stood with blank looks on our faces staring. As the sun sets darkness quickly comes and the game starts. I sprint as fast as I can the hard gravel rubs against my bare feet, I’m trying not to be found. I can’t see I bump into a big tree and hit my head hard a big furry hand grabs me.

It’s Bigfoot I feel cozy and scared at the same time Bigfoot drags me into a hut in the forest and puts me down I hear someone screaming I duck down and I make no movement until they ran off. Bigfoot was hiding behind the hut. He peeked in and stared at me. As he got closer I crept back. Bigfoot whispered all about how people have wanted to capture him for ages it sounded unreal. I looked around the not paying attention to Bigfoot. The hut was small with one window and a little wooden roof with nails jammed in hard. I sit down in a soft chair with red polka dots. The noise around me slowly dies away so the war must be over I wonder who won I think to myself.It looks ten o-clock at night. Bigfoot is gazing around the room thinking he reaches his hand out and taps me on the shoulder I look with fright he slowly puts his hands on his heads and lifts off a mask it was a prank all along I stare at the boy, clueless.

The is has a dirty shirt and he looks like he’s been here for years impersonating Bigfoot but I wondered how he talked. I glanced at him for a while wondering how he did it the boy stands there when I was about to speak I heard loud rustling in the bushes  Bigfoot appears out of nowhere, “Bigfoot is real I say excitedly” as he fades away into the distance the sun rises. We won but no one can find Bigfoot now. It was actually Bigfoot.

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