Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Craig's Bigfoot Story

Hunting Humans

I Look down at my Scars,  they ooze blood and pus.  I look up to see my daughter leave me.  She turned round,  her dark blue eyes gleamed at my, while her fur whipped in the wind.  “Goodbye” I whispered.  Then I black out.

I fly through the forest, it is my home.  With every leap, I jump high in the sky.  But Before I know it I am here.  At the town that houses the Dreadful Human Race.  They killed my father.  
I have watched many animals die.  The Gorilla Men of the North.  Gone.  The Lions of Azmodan.  Gone.  

I peer through the bush at the billboard, and my face was there, glistening in the sunshine.  But it was a reward for my capture.  A call for a team,  ready to catch me.

I haven’t introduced myself.  My Name is Bob.  The humans call me Bigfoot.  My mottled hair all over my body protected me almost like a bullet proof vest.
I have been living here for many years.  I love it here.  But soon I know I will be dead.  I feel time has caught up on me.

I walk back to my home.  My cave, my safety.
I tell my wife and child to leave.  
They left for our underground home.
The hobbit hole under the mountain.
Its our Sanctuary.  

I set my traps along the top of my cave.  Traps of fire, Traps of Water. Traps of Death all ready for those humans.  My emotions fight each other.  I want to live.  I love my Wife.
My Death is due.  Its been due for a while.  I can never be too sure.

I peer through the bushes once again.  Sabres weave their paths through lines of humans,  while people collapse from gunfire.  I set my battle club flying.  It smacks a human in the forehead and he lies down dead.

After hours upon hours of fighting 3 remain.  They cower over their friends and they weep there hearts out.  
Now is my time to attack.  Now that they are weak and weeping.  Humans are very smart.  If I delay the attack I will definitely die.  And it would be a gruesome death.

I pounce out of the bushes and attack.
One of them stumbles and falls, but the other two are ready.  Their darts locked and loaded.  I pounce at one, darts whizzing past my head.  I send my hand flying at him his skull cracks and he drops down. I pounce again.  But this time I miss.

I plummet down the hill and hit a tree.
My Brain rattles round my head as I try to get myself into shape.
I have landed at the base of the hill.  My home.  But my wife lays there.  Dead.  Her mottled fur is on fire. I cannot live.     

I Look down at my Scars,  they ooze blood and pus.  I look up to see my daughter leave me.  She turned round,  her dark blue eyes gleamed at me, tears welling up in her eyes.   Her fur whipped in the wind.  She is definitely a daughter of mine.  “Goodbye” I whispered.  Then I close my eyes forever.  

The last Gorilla Man.  Dead.  There is my daughter.   But she collapsed just as I closed my eyes.  An axe flew through the air and hit her in the side of her head.  Blood splattered all over the walls and into my eyes.  I winced and closed my eyes.  A memorable death I thought.

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