Friday, 27 September 2013

My Fable : don't judge your self the way you are

The buck was very thirsty because the heat was burning on his back, so the buck went to a river in a forest to drink some refreshing water. He saw his shadow reflected in the water, and greatly admired the size of his antlers, but  he felt ashamed of his weak and thin legs. “I wish my legs were as beautiful as my antlers he, sobbed”.While he was lost , a wolf appeared at the river. The buck fled from the river in an instant move, but his antlers soon! became entangled with the branches and trees and he found himself stuck.The wolf quickly caught up with him and captured him.  the buck “ cried ““How wrong I was to despise my legs which could have saved me now, had it not been for my antlers which I so admired!” he cried.

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