Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Feet joins Facebook (well, kind of!) and needs your help!

Happy Feet the penguin on Facebook?

Let's have a go at researching everything we can find on him and loading it onto this Fakebook profile I've created for him (it's a pretend Facebook, used for learning - how cool!)

You'll need to type in the password 'learninghub3' to edit the profile. Click 'edit profile' to add info about him or 'add post' to write on his wall (either as Happy Feet or pretend to be one of his friends leaving him a message). I wonder who might be his friends? Load them up along with a photo on the left.

Have fun! Visitors, please join in!

Click here to go through to the site, or edit below.


  1. Learning hub 3 what a awesome idea now people who love happy feet can have it on face book it's quite a cute picture too it will be great.

  2. Yes, I love the idea of faKe book


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