Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Learner Led Conferences - From the Learners!

Remember when you had to go to parent interviews where your parents and teachers do all the talking well this is a Learner led conferences, it is led by students. You show and talk about the learning you do in your hub, so we had to practice presenting in front of our class mates a couple of times before we were ready to show off our progressed presenting skills in front of our parents. Sometimes if you do a good learning your parents will be proud and if not you will have to do some more learning. We show our parents some of the learning we did like the ecosystem colleagues and the 7 signs of life. We also had to explain to them what decomposers, consumers and producers are. We showed them a strategy we use in maths and I showed them the math games like hippo games. We also talked about the definition of a learning journal and the process, followed by the reading we showed off in our modeling books. Some parents really liked our ecosystem work and others liked other aspects. I like doing the conference the first time I feel nervous but after it I felt I had a breakthrough; I think I presented well and I enjoyed the learner led conference, it was fun for the first time.

Hear what LH3 all thought...

By Damien P and Fatima

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  1. Thats awesome we have been learning to use voice thread also, hope you guys have the most awesomest holidays ever and make it a safe one.


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