Monday, 25 July 2011


Hi everyone, how have your holidays been so far? Would love to hear what you've all been up to!

Love, Miss H


  1. Bored all weekend.
    Went to cousins house and stayed at home.

  2. Oh no, Craig! Has it been nice relaxing at home though? Bet you're looking forward to getting back to school and seeing everyone! Have you done any sailing?

  3. I have been to Paihai/the bay of islands I took the ferry across to Russel, I also whent a ferry to do doliphin viewing and to the hole in the rock when we whent to the hole in the rock our captin said that if you get a drop of water on your head when you go through the hole it will give you good luck.I also whnet to Kerikeri and we also whent to Waitangi.

  4. I went to horse camp in Clevdon I went for 4 days with my friend Helena. It was sooo fun cause we got to have our own horse for a week my horses name was called Opal and it was so nice doing trotting on her. I also went to lake Tawarewa with some friends of ours for a few days and that was soo fun!!


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