Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My Kayak Writing

I am going to show you my Kayak writing.In hub 3 we are learning to use Figurative Language.Figurative Language is when you are using simile's, metaphors, personification and more Figurative Language.

Mr Bradbeers Writing group is lucky to have him working with us and everyone that is in Mr Bradbeers group had to make a story with a tank or a Kayak falling down a waterfall.My writing has improved by using more Figurative Language and in the past I couldn't use any Figurative Language and now I have done better writing in hub 3.

I was looking at the fresh yellow flowers, the tall grass and at the colourful parrots flapping softly in the sky. Suddenly I realized I wasn’t paying attention to the river anymore.I heard a thundering noise ahead of me and the water was going faster and I was trying to get slower.

The water was getting higher as I was near the waterfall and I was scared to let go of the paddle because I was on a dangerous waterfall.The waterfall was as deep as falling from a cliff.As I was getting closer to the brink I was looking at the ice and I was thinking about the ice freezing the water.

The waterfall was as scary as falling from a cliff and when I was at the top of the waterfall I could see how deep the waterfall was.3 2 1 BOOM! I went in the water.When I was in the water I was as cold as a penguin.I can know go to another waterfall bigger than this waterfall.There was all my friends cheering for me because I went down a waterfall with a Kayak and I was going home with my family at last.

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