Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Amazing Forest

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So nice and tall trees. I enjoyed the fresh air and the size of the forest. The forest was very wide. It was Saturday in the late afternoon. In forest  seem that me and my parents were alone. We just heard law hum of the bees. The weather was very nice was quiet and warm wind. It was season of the mushrooms. So we decided to find a mushrooms and have them for dinner.

We walked and moved the leaves but we didn’t saw anything just the bare ground. In a half hour after  we tried to find mushrooms but it was useless. This forest was not for mushrooms. When we give up looking for them we just walked and looked on trees and joyed of the wondeful view of the forest.      

When we already was in the car. I was amazed by the nature. I was little bit sad and disappointed because we didn’t find the mushrooms but it wasn’t last time. But of course I liked the forest and his beautiful plants.

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