Thursday, 16 May 2013

- Time Connectives
- Past Tense
- Sequence of Events
- Punctuation & Spelling
- Bundles of Facts
- Conclusion and Evaluation
- 5W’s

The day before the airport we went to our Aunty’s house because she lives closer to the airport then us. Once we arrived to the airport we said our goodbyes.
As we flew across Tokyo, we saw ligths flashing under us it was like shooting stars all over the place, it was beautiful. I went with my sister, Hana and my mum. We were so happy to be flying to Japan to meet our family.There was a screen in front of you so you get to watch movies, listen to songs and play games. After 8 and a half hours we finally got of the plane we were exhausted.

Since the fight went to Tokyo and our family was in Nagoya, we had to take 2 trains to get there. We went on the trains called “shinkasen” which is the fastest trains in the world, but once you go in it it doesn’t seem fast at all. Before we went on the train we ate dinner that is a japanese rice ball and a drink.

When we arrived at the Nagoya station, our uncle was there to pick us up to take us to his house. We unpacked everything and we unfolded our blankets which is on the traditional japanese mat called ‘tatami’ and fell asleep.

PF:Micheala:I like your writing, its interesting! Maybe add some more information on what happened on that day.

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