Wednesday, 15 May 2013


  • Orientation
  • sequence of events
  • 5w’s
  • Time connectives
  • Punctuation and Spelling
  • Conclusion
My holiday
It  was hot down town,”. I knew it was going to be fun. We spent the whole day there.

First at my house we walked to the train station and then pay money for the tickets. It was me and my friend and my mum’s best friend.
When we got into the train we had to sit and wait for our stop,Our stop was britomart.So we had to pay tickets agian when we just arrived at Britomart.,now we got to town it was so amazing. We walked around and decided to go on the ferry.

We saw Mountains and the harbor bridge and  we went to this place but i didn’t know we walked  

around and we saw bikes for hiring.

the owner said we can ride to
for an hour so we decided to hire them    for  25 dollars for it so it will be cheap!!!!!! sometimes we get tired because there’s big hills

you have to ride on and that’s tiring,  man!!!!!!!  we were   riding them for half an hour and we saw Rangitoto island,we  were  five minutes early when we came back.

      We went back into the ferry and it was around 5 o'clock and it    was very cold. We payed for our tickets at the machine, then we press Glen Innes so we had tickets to Glen Innes so we went into the train and there were no seats at all everyone was waiting to Glen Innes.

Once we got there we walked to my house  and me and my friend was playing game’s it was fun i had a great holiday.

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